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  • Downlight Warning Sign Mandatory

    Mandatory Rule 2013 A Safety Sign shall be fitted in roof space AS/NZS 3000:2007 Amendment 2 Clause Warning Sign Where recessed luminaires are installed in an accessible roof space, a permanent and legible warning sign shall be installed in the roof space adjacent to the access panel, in such a position that it is…

  • Philips LEDbulb Replace 75Watt Light-bulb

    Philips 13W LEDbulb Replaces 75Watt Light-bulb This is a true replacement for the old 75Watt incandescent Light-bulb. It has a warm white output of 1055 Lumens. This output is slightly whiter than the average light-bulb and appears to provide a greater light output. The 13Watt LEDbulb is in on the left in this picture. 75Watt…

  • Down-Light installation ratings

    IC-F IC CA135 CA80 and Non-IC ratings for installation of down-lights

  • Philips Lighting launch 100W LED retrofit lamps

    Philips Lighting launch 100W LED retrofit lamps Philips Lighting diffused BR LED lamp Philips said it will begin shipping a 100W-equivalent lamp in its EnduraLED line in the Q4 of this year. The new lamp looks virtually identical to the 60W and 75W EnduraLED retrofit lamps that are broadly available. The family uses remote phosphor…

  • Philips LED Lamp

    Philips “L Prize winning LED Lamp” L Prize Lamp design – Article from LEDs Magazine We have learned more about the internal design of the L Prize winner from Philips. If you see a photo of the product, you will notice that the remote phosphor is more yellow in color relative to the almost-orange tint…

  • Added Gallery of LED and other lighting examples

    The Totalsupport gallery contains a selection of Efficient and Effective LED lighting applications and some more traditional halogen lighting examples. Efficient and Effective use of LED lighting to illuminate the BP petrol station. LED lights are ideal for petrol stations as they provide safe and efficient lighting. The power consumption of the LED lights is…

  • Added Wifi LED control.

    Wifi LED control Thermal Solution Resources is a full service product design firm bringing leading edge solutions to the LED, Solar and Electronics industries. With decades in Thermal, Electronic, LED, Material and Product design along with a supporting suite of manufacturing resources.

  • Added Services and Products

    Published a List of Electrical Products and Services provided by Total Support. This Products and Services include Complete Electrical Installation, LED Lighting and Optimizing – Energy Efficiency. The installation of IP65 HALERS EvoLED down-lights to replace halogen down-lights significantly improves the Energy Efficiency of a home by preventing heat from escaping through the down-lights.  

  • Down-Light Installation Requirements

    Down-Light Installation Requirements From 10 May 2012 IMPORTANT The Ministry of Economic Development – Downlights and their Installation Requirements From 10 May 2012 Mandatory change to the AS/NZS 3000 Electrical installations. ⇒Down-lights and Insulation brochure.pdf Implementation date 10 May 2012 marks an important date for installers of downlights in New Zealand. Amendment A to AS/NZS…

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