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What is Home Automation?

Home Automation encompasses many forms and levels of control. We already use Home Automation to save power, enhance our quality of life and to keep us safe on a daily basis.

For example:

The timer on a bathroom extract fan runs for a predetermined time to remove the moisture-laden air. This form of Home Automation saves us power, as it is easier to heat a house that does not have moisture-laden air.

Light dimmers are a form of Home Automation that produce a soft-start (ramp up). Dimmers increase the lifespan of the light-bulb by removing the stress that would otherwise be caused by the sudden inrush of current. When set to less than 100% output, dimmers reduce power consumption and improve the ambiance of the room. This mood lighting reduces our stress levels.

Automatic security lights are a form of Home Automation that sense our arrival and switch the outdoor lighting on to welcome us home and make it safe to walk up the stairs to the door. The security lights switch off after a predetermined time. Security lights have a higher level of Home Automation control than a basic sensor light. They constantly monitor the light level and only function when the light level is below a preset level. This form of Home Automation saves power and enhances our quality of life by providing a safe well lit environment.

Burglar Alarm Security Camera System

A Burglar Alarm/Security System is a form of Home Automation that monitors your house and is activated when your house is being burgled. The basic monitored burglar alarm system would automatically call the alarm monitoring company to inform them that the alarm was activated. Fortunately, advances in technology now enable us to receive an email with pictures of the intruder attached. This is achieved by using our existing wifi router. The pre-trigger pictures of the intruder are emailed immediately. It is common to email 6 pre and post trigger emails. Continuous monitoring is very useful for a complete record of the events. Low cost plug-in cameras from D-Link or Total Peripherals work well.

Do I need Home Automation?

As you can see we are already using Home Automation. Your “Smart TV” and wifi router are becoming the Hub of your Home Automation.

You can now access the internet and watch on-demand programs on your “Smart TV” via your wifi router. You are effectively being given Home Automation components within your appliances. It is simply a matter of configuring and using this technology.

Can I control my lights and Home Theatre using a Touch Screen?

The “Vantage system” has modules that enable control of lighting and other equipment throughout the house.

Quality installation is essential for reliable Home Automation.

It is extremely important to comply with the specific installation requirements to achieve reliable high-speed data communications and Home Automation. Correct installation of the Data, Phone, TV, Audio, Security and Power cables is vital to achieve optimal results.

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