Philips LEDbulb Replace 75Watt Light-bulb

Philips 13W LEDbulb Replaces 75Watt Light-bulb

This is a true replacement for the old 75Watt incandescent Light-bulb. It has a warm white output of 1055 Lumens. This output is slightly whiter than the average light-bulb and appears to provide a greater light output.


The 13Watt LEDbulb is in on the left in this picture. 75Watt incandescent Light-bulb on the right.

Philips 13W LEDbulb Box

The 13 Watt LEDbulb has an life expectancy of 15,000 hours. That would equate to about 10 years if the LEDbulb was on for 4 hours every day.

The 13 Watt LEDbulb can be installed in down-lights. The down-lights must be at least 75mm in diameter and be of the open type. LEDbulbs produce far less heat than incandescent light-bulbs. However, it is important to maintain an air space around the LEDbulb to allow the electronic circuitry in the LEDbulb to maintain a normal operating temperature.

This is a non-dimmable high output LEDbulb ideal for general lighting throughout the house or office. Philips also have a range of dimmable LED Lamps.
Philips Dimmable LED Lamps