Added Gallery of LED and other lighting examples

The Totalsupport gallery contains a selection of Efficient and Effective LED lighting applications and some more traditional halogen lighting examples.

BP Petrol Station LED lighting
LED Lighting at Petrol Station

Efficient and Effective use of LED lighting to illuminate the BP petrol station.

LED lights are ideal for petrol stations as they provide safe and efficient lighting.

  • The power consumption of the LED lights is far lower than any other form of lighting suitable for petrol stations.Pictures in the Gallery.
  • Maintenance costs are minimal as the LED lights last for many years.
  • The long lasting LED lights eliminate the inconvenience and safety issues resulting from the replacement of the lamps or tubes in the older style lighting.
  • The following older style light fittings require regular lamp or tube replacement – halogen, metal-halide, mercury-vapor, sodium-vapor or fluorescent lamps.

The LED lights provide a very clean white light that enhances the appearance and safety of the petrol station.