Legrand Residential

Forging a new era in the electrical industry Legrand introduces ‘Arteor’ – a broad new range of more than 600 conventional and automated products. Spanning from 240V mechanical and unique micropush switches to innovative glass touch plates, wireless and fully networked control systems, Arteor is the largest single range available in Australia and New Zealand today.

The SCS BUS system


The SCS BUS system is based on a 2-wire BUS working on a private SCS protocol. It’s ideal for new installations and can be integrated with third party solutions, such as DALI and KNX, through dedicated gateways. Applications include: lighting control, scenario control, roller shutter control, sound distribution and temperature control.

The SCS Bus system is very easy to install. The system is composed of actuators and control devices. Actuators controlling loads are connected to the BUS (a twisted pair cable) and to the power line. They are DIN module devices centralised on the electrical panel board. Control devices transmit information to actuators through the BUS line. Devices can be configured using physical configurators or via a computer. Interoperability between systems and third party home automation systems can be achieved through OpenWebNet protocol.