About Us

“Smart Phone Friendly website”- designed by Ian Reddy at Total Support.

Ian Reddy is the hands-on Owner/Electrician/Electrical Inspector at Total Support Electrical & Home Automation.

  • Registered Electrician 20+ years experience
  • Registered Electrical Inspector
  • New Zealand Certificate of Engineering in Electronics & Computer Technology
  • Certified Vantage Home Automation Installer/Programmer
  • Rockwell and Allen Bradley Certified PLC Installer/Programmer
  • CCTV Certified
  • Tecom Security/Access control System Certified
  • Wifi systems analyst
  • Network diagnostics

Registered Security Consultant – Installer/Programmer/Technician


Licenced by the New Zealand Ministry of Justice

Photo ID issued by the Ministry of Justice after the mandatory background check. This Photo ID provides customers with the assurance that Ian Reddy is an honest and trustworthy Electrician and Security Consultant. The ID card for basic Electricians does not include a photo ID or background check.

Total Support Electrical – Quality Products Service and Workmanship

Total Support provide Quality Products, Service and Workmanship. Experience has proven that installing quality products provides a safe and reliable installation. A good example is the installation of quality down-lights to replace the low-cost poor quality down-lights that were installed throughout New Zealand for many years prior to the law change that has outlawed these fittings. Many of the poor quality down-lights that were installed in throughout the country have sub-standard lamp-holders for the halogen lamps. This results in overheating at the poor connection to the pins on the halogen lamp. This problem becomes apparent when the halogen lamp flickers and fails on a regular basis due to burnt pins. Total support replace these substandard lamp-holders with quality lamp-holders that have UL certification. The quality lamp-holders will last for many years enabling the home owner to change their halogen lamps without any problems.

Total Support staff are professional and efficient. We pay close attention to every detail including a total clean-up of the work area. Customer satisfaction guarantee.

Total Home Automation System Solutions – by Total Support.